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Pet Parenting: Should You Stay or Go During The Dog Grooming Session?

When taking our furry companions to the pet salon, every pet parent has one common question. Whether they should stay with their canine companion during the dog grooming process or leave them in the hands of the groomer. 

Is Helicopter Pet Parenting a Good Idea?


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There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this question. However, considering some elements can help pet parents make an informed decision that protects their dog’s comfort and health.

Know Your Pet’s Temperament 

First and foremost, you should evaluate your dog’s temperament and attitude. Some canines may feel more at ease and calm when their parent is there. It gives them a sense of security and reassurance throughout the pet grooming procedure. Conversely, in the pet parent’s presence, some dogs may feel anxious, making it difficult for the provider to groom.

Pet Groomer Preferences and Salon Policies

Additionally, the groomer’s choice and salon regulations may influence whether parents can accompany their dogs throughout the grooming process. Some pet groomers prefer to work without distractions, and some believe dogs sit better when their parents are absent. Others may welcome a parent’s engagement and urge them to stay and see the grooming procedure.

Types of Pet Grooming Services

Another aspect to consider is the sort of grooming service being provided. Many pet parents are comfortable leaving their dogs with the dog groomer for normal grooming activities. It can include baths, brushing, and nail trims and returning to pick them up later. However, some pet parents may want to stay for more complex grooming processes, including haircuts or styling. They do so to offer feedback and ensure that their dog’s grooming demands are to their liking.

Dog grooming experts


Effective Communication with the Dog Groomer

Talking freely and efficiently with the dog groomer about your grooming preferences and concerns is also essential. If you have any special grooming instructions or demands for your dog, convey them to the groomer. It can be the length of their haircut or any medical issues that they have. Make sure to discuss these with the groomer before the grooming session.

Your Dog’s Individual Needs 

Staying with your canine during the dog grooming process may be advantageous if they have unique medical needs or issues. For example, if your dog has a medical condition requiring medication or behavioral difficulties, your presence can ensure their requirements are appropriately met.

Find your Comfort Level as a Pet Parent 

Ultimately, the decision to stay with your dog throughout their pet grooming session or leave them in the hands of the pet provider is a personal choice. However, it depends on your dog’s specific needs and your comfort level as a pet parent. If you are confident in the groomer’s expertise and believe they will give exceptional care for your dog, you can leave them with the groomer. However, if you want to accompany your canine to the grooming salon to give assistance and supervision, many groomers will accommodate your request and welcome your presence.

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