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Here’s How the Top Pet Grooming Software Stacks Up

grooming software comparison guide

Pet grooming software alleviates common headaches of running a small pet care business, such as managing schedules and recurring appointments. Depending on the platform, some pet grooming software might offer additional features that can help out with the marketing or financial aspects of your business. 

Here’s a breakdown of features from the most popular grooming software platforms on the market to help you choose which product is the best fit for your grooming salon.

How The Top Dog Grooming Software Stack Up

table comparing features of pet grooming software providers


Recurring clientele is crucial for your success, but getting customers to find your business can be one of the trickiest parts of running a successful grooming salon. Deciding how you want to drive clients to your salon can help you make an informed decision about which grooming software suits your needs best. 

For example, PawCare exclusively offers an online marketplace that displays your company name along with other grooming salons in your area on their website (think Yelp or OpenTable, but designed with pet care businesses in mind). Potential clients can find you when they search for a groomer based on their dog’s breed and their scheduling availability. This system connects you with customers who are already tailored to your areas of grooming expertise, making it easy for you to provide a positive grooming experience for their pup — and encourages them to become repeat customers who are happy to leave you favorable reviews. 

Branding & Website Integration

If you plan to market primarily through building a brand through outside marketing and your business’s website, PawCare and Gingr would be the best fit since their software can integrate with your existing webpage. All of the other software solutions that we’re comparing in this article function exclusively through the customer app and the payment processing system at your salon.

With the exception of DaySmart and MoeGo, all of the top pet grooming software providers allow groomers at least some ability to brand their business’s profile on the platform so that customers can clearly associate your business’s image with the service they’ve received. For most, branding is reflected on the customer’s app and through payment processing, which displays your company logo.    

Tiered Plans

If you’re not sure that a pet grooming software is the right move, ask if the software company has a promotional period or a free demo so you can try it risk-free. 

With the exception of Goose, which is only available in one pricing model, all of the platforms on this list have tiered plans with customizable features and prices so you can pick the one that’s best for your business. 

For example, if you want to focus on managing appointments, a basic plan might be adequate since all of the companies offer online scheduling and most have customer apps. The upper-tier plans usually offer more branding options and website integrations, which are great alternative resources for a marketing team or website designer. Some systems, like Gingr and PawCare, even make payroll easier by linking with Quickbooks or providing an internal payroll processing system.

Customer Relations

Thankfully, your customers don’t have to keep up with printed business cards anymore in order to book their next appointment. With the exception of MoeGo, all of the pet grooming software options come equipped with a customer app that clients can download on their phone to schedule their next appointment online. Most allow automatic scheduling as well, so the customer can set up recurring appointments every few weeks or as their dog needs. 

A pet grooming software can also tackle secretarial roles by sending out automatic texts and emails. These reminders are a great way to reduce no-shows and look professional, without the time and cost of hiring a receptionist or the annoyance of handling these things on your own. These communications also have the ability to carry on a marketing role since you can automatically send out customer promotions.


The best grooming software should allow you to manage bookings and get your money all in one place. While most of the providers on this list have integrated commerce features that allow for cashless payments, the key point of comparison to pay attention to is how those providers then pay you. PawCare even offers free payment processing and allows you to set up direct deposit so you don’t have to run to the bank to get your payment. Usually, this convenience fee hovers around 2.5% of the total cost, which is something to keep in mind when setting your prices. 

Does your salon sell custom-made dog bandanas or crunchy homemade treats alongside your services? Finding vendors to fill your lobby with wares can be a great stream of additional revenue and pet grooming software makes it even easier to get some extra cash. As of right now, Gingr and PetExec are the only options with commerce functionality, but stay tuned because PawCare announced that it will roll out a point-of-sale (POS) system shortly. 

Learn more about how to pick the right grooming software for your business. 

How to Choose The Best Dog Grooming Software for You

Making your own pros and cons list based on the software features can help guide you in the right direction for your business’s needs. While any of the top pet grooming software may be useful, you’ll likely find there is a best option depending on your marketing goals and budgetary factors. If you still have questions, reaching out to a pet software representative or asking for a free trial can give you some more ideas before you commit for the long haul.

Ready to see how PawCare can help take your pet care business to the next level? Schedule a time to chat with us today!

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