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How to Pick the Right Grooming Software for Your Business

how to pick the right grooming software for your business

It’s difficult to answer the phone or respond to emails when your hands are deep in sudsy water. Grooming software like PawCare gives you an extra hand by allowing clients to set up their appointments online, making the check in, check out, and payment process seamless for both you and your customers—and reduces the risk of losing potential clients due to an unruly dog in the bath. 

Pet grooming software replaces pen-and-paper methods of handling business and streamlines operations, which allows you to book more appointments in the same amount of time and makes managing your grooming business a breeze. 

That said, to make the most out of upgrading your scheduling and business management system, you want to make sure you’re bringing the right software for your business on board. In this article, we’ll explore the key features to look for in a grooming software, and dig deep into how they can help your small business expand.

Key Grooming Software Features to Look For

Imagine hiring a digital assistant who handles all of your appointment booking, grooming notes, and your personal vacation schedule. The best part? They don’t take lunch breaks and they even work weekends and evenings when you’re not there. 

The best pet grooming software easily tackles both the front end (what your clients see) and the back end (what you see) of running your grooming business, allowing you to spend more of your time doing what you’re actually passionate about. Here are just a few key things to look for:   

1. Online Booking

Pet parents sometimes realize their dog needs a haircut or a bath after you’re closed or when you’re out to lunch. Instead of making them wait to book the appointment and risk them booking somewhere else, a pet grooming software like PawCare lets them book an appointment online after searching for a groomer in their geographical area. But don’t worry—there’s no chance for a scheduling conflict since you can set your own times and block out days to ensure availability (we’ll explore scheduling in a little bit more detail in the next section). 

The best grooming software will allow you to integrate their online booking features directly onto your website, as well as allow new clients to discover you via a customer-facing app or marketplace (similar to how a restaurant reservation app like OpenTable works, for example). Leveraging a dog grooming app allows you to connect with your ideal clients (and gives your ideal clients a chance to connect with you!), as it gives them a chance to personalize their search. For example, clients can search for a groomer who’s suited for their dog’s breed, age, size, and who has availability at the times that work best for them, cutting out back-and-forth communication about your services and availability. 

2. Scheduling 

Having the ability to set your own hours is one of the main perks of owning a small business. With pet grooming software, you can block out times when you’re not available or even days when your business will be closed, allowing clients to select times that you know will work for both you and them.

This feature helps reduce potentially wasted time and income from missed appointments. If you have a no-show or an early cancellation, you can easily change your availability for the day in the dog grooming app, which allows other pet parents to fill the spot. Furthermore, grooming software providers like PawCare will even set up a cancellation fee for missed appointments or last-minute cancellations if you have a show rate of 98% or higher. 

3. Recurring Reservations 

Online scheduling with the potential for automatic appointments makes booking the next appointment and retaining a new client a breeze. For example, if your client’s dog needs a routine trim every 6-8 weeks, you can set up recurring reservations to make the next appointment automatically. Of course, you and the client can override the automatic scheduling if the day conflicts with other interests, but it’s a helpful resource in most instances. 

4. Customer Notes

Whether you need to remember which guard to set the hair clippers or you want to remember that feisty Harriet fights the hair dryer, having a digital platform to upload your grooming notes helps you keep track of your client’s individual needs. This gives your customers peace of mind since they always know they’re going to get what they want, no questions asked. 

5. Easy Payment Methods and Commerce Functionality

In addition to making it easy for your customers to find and book an appointment with you, the best grooming software is an all-in-one solution. Many providers only focus on scheduling rather than the financial aspects of running a business, so when deciding on the best software for your needs, be sure to think about how it will integrate with (or better yet, streamline) the rest of your system.

Platforms like PawCare allow your clients to book appointments and pay all in one place, and then they will deposit income directly into your bank account. PawCare even covers the credit card processing fee for you. If you have multiple groomers working for you, PawCare can even track their work and help you understand how much you should pay each of your groomers. 

Mutt Cutts PawCare profile

Mutt Cutts’s PawCare Profile Page

6. Built-In Marketing 

Every business owner knows that it is easy to spend as much time on marketing as you spend on actually doing your job. Choosing a grooming software that is built with marketing in mind is a great way to cut down on the time it takes to find new clientele, saving you both time and money.

Like we mentioned earlier in this article, PawCare is far more than an online booking solution. Our app and digital marketplace allow new customers to discover you as they’re looking to book an appointment for their pet. To help you put your best foot (or paw) forward, PawCare works with groomers to create a dedicated brand profile for your business on the PawCare platform, allowing you to showcase your services, pricing, and contact information all in one place. And, because we only thrive when you thrive, we also dedicate a portion of our marketing budget to promoting our groomers directly, expanding your business’s reach without you having to lift a finger. 

Need more help marketing? Check out our top tips for marketing your grooming business.

Pricing & Other Considerations

Most dog grooming software solutions usually start between $50-$100 a month. Considering the average price of a full groom varies between $30 and $90 depending on the dog and location, the software pays for itself within a day’s work.  

Choosing the best type of dog grooming software for your company depends on the size of your business and your personal goals. For example, if you’re looking to simplify booking and you already pay for an accountant, you might prefer a basic scheduling software over an integrated all-in-one solution. The number of employees you have also changes the name of the game. Many pet grooming softwares can replace the need for a receptionist, or at least ease their workload. If you’re still not sure what grooming software is right for you, contact the company to see if they offer a free trial or a promotional period so you can test it out risk-free.   

What Sets PawCare Apart From Other Pet Grooming Software 

Want to know more about how PawCare stacks up to other platforms? Check out our guide to the top grooming software here.

PawCare is the only grooming software to straddle the line between online booking and managing the backend of your business. Our marketplace and scheduling tools make it as easy as possible for new clients to find you, and our commerce and recurring appointment tools make it easy for you to maximize their business once they do. 

Interested in learning more about what PawCare can do for your business? Get started for free today. 


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