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The 17 Best Ways to Advertise Your Dog Grooming Business

dog grooming advertising tips

Standing out from the crowd and creating systems for attracting and retaining clientele is essential for success as a pet grooming business. Elements like a cohesive and professional online presence and a streamlined, easy-to-use appointment management system can do a lot to set you apart from competitors, but those elements are just the beginning. Below we’ll dig into some tactics you can employ both on and offline to get the word out about your dog grooming business!

1. Build a Professional Website

A professional website serves as the digital gateway to your services, offering a first glimpse of the quality care pets receive under your expert hands. It not only showcases your grooming prowess through vivid images and customer testimonials but also provides essential information like services, pricing, and booking details, making it easier for pet owners to choose your business. 

A well-designed website acts as a 24/7 promotional tool, attracting potential clients and helping your grooming salon appear professional and reputable amongst your competitors. 

dog grooming website example

2. Use a Google Business Listing

A Google Business Listing allows potential clients to easily find your location, operating hours, and customer reviews with a simple search. This visibility is key to attracting new customers and building trust, making it a valuable tool for marketing your business.

3. Choose Appointment Software that will Promote Your Business 

Why not streamline appointment management and market your business at the same time?! PawCare enables you to do both. You can use the tool to automate appointment scheduling based on your customized availability schedule, outsource customer service, and manage your phone lines for customers who prefer to book appointments the old-fashioned way. At the same time, listing your business on the PawCare platform makes it easy for prospective clients to find you and book appointments. 

PawCare also dedicates a portion of their marketing budget to promoting groomers on their platform through targeted campaigns — think of it as marketing that you don’t have to lift a finger to receive. They also cover your credit card processing fees, freeing up crucial extra dollars that you can put back into running your business. 

4. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

In the pet grooming industry, exceptional customer service is the heart and soul of creating lasting relationships with pet owners and their furry family members. By going above and beyond, you not only ensure a pet’s well-being and owner’s peace of mind but you turn each satisfied client into a walking billboard for your business. This level of care and attention works wonders for generating word-of-mouth referrals.

5. Build a Social Media Presence

Leveraging social media for your pet grooming business helps you captivate and engage a community of pet enthusiasts without leaving your office! Through charming before-and-after grooming photos and heartwarming stories of your furry clients, you can create a compelling narrative that resonates with pet owners in your area. 

This not only showcases your grooming artistry but also fosters a sense of community and trust, encouraging shares, likes, and comments that spotlight your business for potential new clients.

6. Attract Reviews on Online Platforms

According to TrustPulse, consumers trust online reviews almost as much as personal recommendations. This is especially true for younger generations. So, garnering reviews on platforms like Yelp, Google Business Profile, and Facebook will be advantageous for advertising your pet grooming business. 

Interestingly, TrustPulse mentions that 96% of consumers seek out negative reviews when researching a company. So, while positive reviews are obviously preferable, constructive negative reviews can help manage customer expectations too. Encourage your customers to leave reviews and work hard to ensure they’re positive by providing excellent service. 

7. Make use of Text Message Reminders

Text message reminders work well as a gentle nudge for pet owners, reminding them to attend or schedule their next appointment. This thoughtful touch enhances customer satisfaction by adding convenience. It also reinforces your business’s commitment to their pet’s well-being, keeping your services top of mind and encouraging repeat visits. Just make sure not to overuse this tactic, as it can become bothersome. 

Because this can be tedious to manage on top of all of the other tasks you need to get done (like you know, actually grooming pets!), choosing a grooming software that automates these messages is hugely helpful. PawCare’s grooming software can take care of sending automatic reminder messages before a customer’s appointment. And, becuase they also handle customer service for their pet care providers, can help your customers reschedule their appointments in case they need to cancel (and, in the case of a customer cancelling less than 24 hours before their appointment, will pass along a cancellatino fee to you). 

8. Reward Customer Loyalty

Rewarding customer loyalty with perks such as discounts, gifts, or complimentary services is a nice way to thank them for their continued trust in your services. This gesture not only deepens the bond with your clientele but encourages them to spread the word about your exceptional service, turning satisfied customers into ambassadors for your business.

9. Start a Referral Program

You can formally reward customer loyalty by launching a referral program. Referral programs tap into the power of personal recommendations and broaden your clientele through word-of-mouth. It can also strengthen existing relationships by showing appreciation for referrals, fueling a cycle of growth and loyalty that keeps your business thriving.

10. Cross-promote with Other Local Businesses

Cross-promoting your pet grooming services with other local businesses, like pet stores and veterinary clinics, creates a symbiotic relationship that introduces your services to a wider yet targeted audience of pet owners. This collaborative approach not only amplifies your visibility within the community but also leverages the trust and rapport these establishments have with their clients, funneling potential new customers directly to your grooming table.

You could work with other pet care providers to create a promotional bundle or extend discounts to customers who purchase from both you and your cross-promotional partner. Doing something like this will help you build beneficial business relationships, too!

11. Attend Local Events & Fairs

Put your pet grooming business on the map by getting involved in local events and fairs! There you can connect directly with pet owners and showcase your passion and expertise. This face-to-face interaction not only humanizes your brand but also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your grooming skills, making a lasting impression that can translate into new appointments and referrals.

12. Develop a Memorable Brand Identity

Crafting a memorable brand identity for your pet grooming business sets you apart in a busy market, creating a visual and emotional connection that resonates with pet owners. A unique identity, from your logo to your messaging, acts as a beacon that attracts clients seeking not just grooming services but an experience that aligns with their values around pet ownership.  

pawcare groomer profile example

Fur Fighters Grooming’s Branded PawCare Profile Page

13. Create Educational Content

Creating educational content positions your business as a trusted authority in the pet grooming space. Providing prospective clients with valuable insights and tips for their furry friends empowers them while demonstrating your expertise. It shows your commitment to the well-being of pets, which undoubtedly reflects positively on your business.

14. Host a Grooming Workshop or Event

Hosting a grooming workshop or event invites pet owners into your world, offering them a hands-on opportunity to learn about proper pet care and grooming techniques they can do at home (like how to properly clean a pet’s paws or ears between visits) directly from the experts. This engaging experience not only showcases your skills and services but also strengthens community ties, leaving a lasting impression that may lead to increased bookings and enthusiastic word-of-mouth referrals.

15. Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing enables pet groomers to maintain a warm and consistent line of communication with their clientele, sending personalized updates, grooming tips, and exclusive offers straight to their inboxes. This strategy not only keeps your business top of mind but also fosters a sense of community and loyalty, encouraging repeat visits and referrals through regular, engaging content.

Similar to leveraging text messaging, adding emails into your marketing mix doesn’t have to be a heavy lift. By leveraging a top grooming software like PawCare, you can all but automate these messages, allowing you to spend time on what really matters.  

16. Invest in High-quality Photography

Professional photography captures the stunning transformations and meticulous care you provide as a pet groomer. It showcases the artistry and attention to detail that goes into each grooming session. These visuals not only captivate potential clients scrolling through social media or your website but convey the quality and value of your services. 

Investing in high-quality imagery will help you stand out not just for the imagery but also because it gives your business an additional layer of professionalism in the eyes of prospective clients. 

17. Grow an Online Community

Growing an online community around your pet grooming business enables you to support your prospective clients between grooming sessions. It fosters a sense of belonging and empowers them to seek out help with their pet care struggles. Creating a safe space for pet lovers to share experiences and recommendations and engage with your content fosters a sense of belonging and loyalty. 

Holding space for a community like this demonstrates your brand’s commitment to the well-being of pets and your passion for providing great services. In time, it will result in customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals. 

Find Your Perfect Marketing Mix

There are all kinds of creative ways to spread the word about your dog grooming business. The best marketing strategy for you will depend on your strengths and weaknesses as a marketer, your interests, and customer behavior. It may take some experimentation with different tactics before you find the combination that works best for you and your business. This roundup is a good place to start, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

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