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Year-Round Care: Seasonal Pet Grooming Tips for Goldendoodles

Forget a quick trim and brush; keeping a Goldendoodle’s curly hairstyle is a year-round journey. And with every season, their grooming needs change. But fret not; learn the rhythm of pet grooming during different seasons, and your Goldendoodle will waltz through the year with a coat that will make the other dogs jealous. 

Here Is How to Groom a Goldendoodle During Different


Professional goldendoodle grooming

So grab your brush, shampoo, and booties, and get ready to master the art of seasonal Goldendoodle care!


As the temperature warms, Goldendoodles shed more, particularly those moving from winter to spring. Brush your Goldendoodle more often in the spring to remove any extra winter coat and avoid matting. Consider using a de-shedding tool or an undercoat rake to control shedding successfully. Regular Goldendoodle grooming helps your dog keep cool as temps rise.

Spring sometimes brings wetter weather, resulting in muddy paws and soiled coats. Clean your Goldendoodle’s paws after walks to keep dirt and debris from matting in the hair. Pet parents can consider a mild trim to keep the coat manageable and tangle-free.


Summer pet grooming aims to keep your Goldendoodle cool and comfortable. Pet parents can go for a shorter trim to assist their furry pet in dealing with the heat. However, avoid shaving them entirely since their coat protects against heat and sunburn. Use a brush to remove loose fur and prevent matting, giving special care to sensitive regions such as behind the ears and beneath the legs.

With summer comes increased outdoor activities, which ultimately necessitate more frequent showers. Use a shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for dogs to keep the coat clean and moisturized. Remember to dry your pet correctly to avoid any infections caused by trapped moisture.


Goldendoodles start shedding their coat as temperatures drop in preparation for winter. Brushing becomes essential for managing shedding and preventing mats as the denser winter coat grows. Pet parents can go for a professional goldendoodle grooming session to cut the coat to a proper length for the winter months.

Fall brings a lot of falling leaves and debris that might become stuck in your Goldendoodle’s coat. Regular brushing and cleaning after outdoor activities helps to reduce tangles and matting created by leaf litter.


The routine for grooming a Goldendoodle changes with a drop in the mercury. Winter requires extra care to safeguard your Goldendoodle from the cold. Avoid cutting their coat too short since it offers insulation. Brushing your coat regularly is necessary to avoid matting and tangles while promoting good air circulation.

Pay attention to paw care during the winter. Cold temperatures and snow can result in dryness and cracking. Keep paw pads clean and clipped, and remove any extra fur between them to avoid snowballs from developing.

Tailoring Goldendoodle Grooming Needs 

Grooming a Goldendoodle is a year-round task. The seasons may change, but the love and affection for our pets remain constant. That is why every pet parent must tailor the grooming process according to the demands of their pets. With regular grooming, watch your furry friend bloom and build a bond of love and connection.

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