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Top of the Line: 12 Best Puppy Groomers in Chicago

“Every dog has its day, as they should.” Finding the best puppy groomers is essential for your pet’s health. Professional pet groomers give specialized treatment, assuring the health of your puppy’s coat, nails, and general cleanliness. Putting your trust in professionals ensures a stress-free and safe grooming session, encouraging your puppy’s comfort and pleasure.

15 best puppy groomers for your furry best friend

Our carefully curated list of top grooming service providers ensures your pet receives the best care and attention. Find the best match for your pet’s needs: 

1. Furtastik

Website: http://furtastik.com/

Based in Chicago, Furtastik provides comprehensive pet care services for dogs and cats. Their certified groomers offer a range of treatments, from bathing and brushing to nail clipping, paws and fur grooming, and dental care. Additionally, Furtastik offers cage-free doggie daycare, pet boarding, and dog walking services across multiple neighborhoods, including Lakeview, Bucktown, and more.

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2. Love Fur Dogs

Website: https://lovefurdogs.com/

Love Fur Dogs is located in Hubbard Woods on the Glencoe-Winnetka boundary. They provide detailed pet grooming services for dogs, cats, and small pets. It has been named the Tribune’s Best Groomer in Chicagoland and is managed by a highly skilled CMG (Certified Master Groomer). Love Fur Dogs is the area’s first salon to get American Kennel Club (AKC) safety certification. They also specialize in therapeutic skin and coat care using cutting-edge microbubble technology. Love Fur Dogs offers special needs, elderly dogs and puppies, indoor doggy play care, a pet taxi, and pet supplies.

3. Urban Pooch

Website: https://urbanpooch.com/

Urban Pooch is a well-known pet grooming service in Chicago. Urban Pooch’s expert groomers specialize in washing and grooming services for dogs of all sizes and types. Their facility has tubs and K-9 hair dryers, allowing pet owners to participate in their pets’ washing experience. Their self-wash service includes hypoallergenic or oatmeal shampoo, conditioner, regular towels, dryers, and brushes. In addition to these services, Urban Pooch provides pet training, cageless boarding, and daycare. 

4. Urban Canine Doggy Day Spa

Website: https://urbancanine.com/

Urban Canine Doggy Day Spa has happily provided Chicago pet grooming and walking services since 1995. De-shedding brushes, blow dryers, and various shampoos ranging from brightening to moisturizing, hypoallergenic oatmeal, and therapeutic formulae are a part of their grooming services. They use top-quality spa supplies, brushes, dryers, and towels to guarantee comfort while accommodating a variety of trims and styles for all breeds. Urban Canine Doggy Day Spa offers self-wash services at various wash stations, each loaded with professional shampoos for an all-around pampering experience.

5. Tucker Pup’s Pet Resort

Website: https://tuckerpups.com/

Tucker Pup’s Pet Resort in Chicago is a full-service pet care facility that provides daycare, boarding, training, and grooming. They offer paws and fur grooming, baths, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and complete brush-outs as part of their grooming services. You can also get blueberry facials, de-matting, hygienic trims, soft claw applications, and flea treatments in addition to these services. Tucker Pup’s Pet Resort also has retail-only stores that provide dog food, chews, treats, vitamins, clothes, and home items to meet the requirements of pet owners.

6. Jameson Loves Danger

Website: https://shop.jamesonlovesdanger.com/products/shop/

Jameson Loves Danger aims to create an organized, service-focused pet supply shop and puppy grooming salon in Chicago, delivering high-quality items while meeting their furry customers’ needs. They aim to become their neighborhood’s preferred destination for every pet’s needs rather than just a pet care and supply store. Jameson Loves Danger wishes to create a community where your canine best friend can experience a trustworthy, need-focused, local source for excellent pet supplies, food, and services.

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7. Pet-A-Cure

Website: https://www.petacurechicago.com/

Pet-A-Cure is a well-known dog grooming facility in Chicago founded in 2004. Paw pad hair clipping, a blueberry vanilla spa facial, nail trimming and filing, ear cleaning, anal sac expression, and decadent aromatherapy and hydrotherapy baths are some of their best services. The salon also provides de-shedding therapy, teeth cleaning, and rejuvenating hot oil treatments. Jennifer Holzman, the founder of Pet-A-Cure, has been bringing her pet groomers knowledge to the business since 1993. As a fur mom, Jennifer understands your love for your furry friend. 

8. VIP’s Hotel

Website: https://canineperspectivechicago.com/

VIP’s Hotel is a prestigious pet hotel in Chicago that provides excellent grooming and sumptuous pet spa day experiences for dogs, cats, and small animals. They provide easy pickup and drop-off services for grooming customers. The facility also offers pet boarding, dog daycare, and dog training. VIP’s Hotel provides top-tier care with a staff of groomers with 25 years of professional grooming experience. Furthermore, their team has over 25 years of science-based animal behavior training expertise, underlining their dedication to exceptional pet care.

Website: https://thegroominggallery.com/

The Grooming Gallery, founded in 1999, is a well-known puppy grooming business in Chicago. Their services include washing, brushing, nail cutting and filing, de-shedding, and comprehensive ear cleaning for dogs and cats. The grooming center also offers teeth cleaning, gland expression, and other bathing packages to round up its services. Their groomers are proud members of the prestigious International Pet Groomers Association, demonstrating their commitment to providing top-notch grooming services.

10. House of Paws

Website: https://www.houseofpawstn.com/about-us

House of Paws is a family venture the Neal/Sykes family runs. Hailing from the White House, the family’s lifelong residence has been a testament to their deep-rooted connection to the community. Nurturing a shared fondness for pets since their youth, they’ve translated their passion into a welcoming haven for your beloved companions. Their service provides a secure, enjoyable, warm space within the White House, catering to the community’s pets through grooming and dog daycare in Chicago.

11. Meow Chicago 

Website: https://www.meeowchicago.com/

Meow Cat is a dedicated boarding and grooming facility for the feline population of Chicago. They relocated to the Lincoln Park/Bucktown neighborhood in October 2013 with a top-notch, feline-exclusive boarding and grooming facility that cares for your feline furballs. During Covid’s struggles, they started their mobile grooming salon as a safe and effective way to attend to Chicago’s beloved cat population, ensuring their grooming requirements were satisfied.

12. Furry Paws Chicago 


Furry Paws Chicago is a small, family-run business in the Chicago region. With decades of experience, they are determined to create an entertaining, sanitary, and secure environment for your favorite canine. The ultimate goal at Furry Paws Chicago is to create an outstanding dog daycare in Chicago so that your furry friend can experience appropriate care.


Our pets are superstars, deserving the best care. Invest in the best groomers to ensure your pet’s health. With specialized treatment, provide the health of your furry best friend’s coat, nails, and overall well-being. 

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