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Dog Daycare: Tips to Calm Your Dog When You’re Gone

Many pet owners wonder how they may help their animals adjust when the outbreak has passed, and humans return to their pre-pandemic habits. When their owners return to work, dogs frequently feel separation anxiety. When left alone, a dog suffering from separation anxiety becomes frightened, depressed, and destructive.

Some tips to help calm your dog when they’re at daycare:

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Start Slowly

If your dog has never been left alone for a long time, allowing them to be alone gradually is critical. A doggie daycare Chicago suggests leaving them alone for a few minutes, slowly increasing the duration. Your dog will become accustomed to being alone in this manner and will realize that you will always return.

Make Alone Time Fun

A doggie daycare Chicago says to make sure alone time is fun for your pet. Make sure your dog has enough toys and puzzles to keep them entertained while you’re gone. Food puzzles, for example, may keep your dog entertained for hours as they try to extract the sweets within. Also, leave your dog a treat or two right before you go.

Practice Goodbye Rituals

Make a farewell ceremony for your dog to assist him in realizing that you are leaving but will return. Saying farewell, thanking your dog, and walking gently may help your dog deal with being alone. A dog daycare in Chicago suggests pet parents make small goodbye rituals to keep their pets stress-free. 

Use Positive Reinforcement

While you’re gone, reward your dog for excellent behavior with goodies or praise. For example, if your dog didn’t destroy anything while you were away, treat them when you get home. Positive reinforcement can help your dog link being alone with pleasant experiences, reducing anxiety.

Hire a Dog Sitter

Consider hiring a dog sitter or going to a dog daycare if you will be gone for a long time. A dog sitter may keep your dog company and give care, ensuring they are not left alone for an extended period. Consider hiring a pet daycare service instead.

Consider Crate Training

Training your dogs to stay in the crate in your absence can help in reducing separation anxiety. While a pet parent is not around, a crate acts as a safe and comfortable area for the pets to stay in. However, make sure that there is enough space for your dog to move inside the crate, and you do not use this to punish your dog. A dog daycare can help out pet parents in crate training. 

Seek Professional Help

If your dog suffers from severe separation anxiety, get professional help at a dog daycare in Chicago. A veterinarian or animal behaviorist can help you determine what’s causing your pet’s fear and establish a treatment plan. Treatment may include medication, training, or a combination of the two.

Separation anxiety in dogs may be challenging for the dog and the owner. However, you may reduce separation anxiety in your pet by gradually introducing alone time, making it fun, developing farewell rituals, utilizing positive reinforcement, hiring a dog sitter, crate training, and seeking professional doggie daycare Chicago. With patience, consistency, and a little love, your pet will soon be able to handle being alone like an expert.

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