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Chicago’s Mysterious Dog Disease: Pet Parents Stay Alert

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Amid growing concern for canine health, a mysterious and contagious respiratory illness affecting dogs nationwide has raised alarm bells for pet parents and veterinarians alike. With Illinois and Chicago closely monitoring the situation, the mysterious dog disease has surfaced in 14 states, sparking worry among dog parents planning holiday activities involving their beloved pets.

In August 2023, the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) started receiving reports about a mysterious dog disease causing respiratory illness. Until now, the ODA has reported over 200 cases of respiratory infections. According to information from veterinarians, the illness has begun to spread to other states, posing an increasing threat to a larger population of dogs across the United States.

Why are Vets calling it a mystery illness?

This is puzzling for vets because the mystery illness resembles kennel cough, COVID-19, and respiratory infections. Despite these parallels, tests conducted on dogs diagnosed with this mystery illness yielded negative results for these diseases.

The doctors in Oregon and across western states have conducted respiratory PCR panels, all coming negative. The test results for common viruses and bacteria typically detected in these cases have also shown negatively in the affected dogs. It appears to be a new strain or form of an illness that remains unidentified, posing a challenge that may take veterinary labs several months to decode. 

Symptoms Dog Parents Should Watch Out for: 

According to the Oregon Department of Agriculture, dog parents should be vigilant and aware of the symptoms of this mysterious illness. The following are the symptoms:  

  • Wet and moist cough.
  • Nasal and eye discharge.
  • Lethargy or constant fatigue.
  • Chronic pneumonia minimally or not responsive to antibiotics.
  • Chronic mild-moderate tracheobronchitis persisting over 6-8 weeks or longer. 

Dog parents who observe the above symptoms should take their dog to a vet immediately.

How Can You Keep Your Furry Companions Safe?

Several vets across the state emphasize staying up-to-date with vaccinations for dogs. Carry your dog’s water bottle to public areas like dog parks, avoiding shared bowls or toys. If your dog displays symptoms, immediately consult your veterinarian and prevent interaction with other pets. Additionally, pet parents must stay calm and exercise caution in their pet care. 

What Treatment Options Exist for This Mystery Illness?

The vets are currently employing antibiotics as a precautionary measure and prescribing cough medication to alleviate coughing. In severe cases, hospitalized dogs receive oxygen therapy, IV medications, and fluids. The insights from West Coast veterinarians have led to more effective treatments for pets affected by this mysterious illness.

Dog parents are advised to avoid communal spaces as uncertainties persist regarding the disease’s cause and spread. The mystery disease, underscoring the vulnerability of beloved pets, serves as a rallying call for proactive pet care and vigilance within the canine community.

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