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A Pet Groomer’s Warning: Dangerous Holiday Foods for Your Pets

All your dog wants for Christmas is a bite of holiday snacks! The holiday season is a time of pleasure, celebration, and sharing, but it also poses risks to our four-legged friends. The pet groomers often witnesses firsthand the repercussions of pet parents giving festive snacks to their pets without considering the dangers. 

Let’s shed light on the risky holiday meals every pet parent should know to keep their beloved pets safe and healthy.

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Chocolate: The Sweet Menace

While chocolate is a wonderful treat for humans, it includes theobromine, a toxin for dogs and cats. Dark chocolate, for instance, has more theobromine. Chocolate consumption can cause symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, elevated heart rate, and, in extreme circumstances, convulsions or even death.

Xylitol: Not So Delicious for Pets

Xylitol is poisonous for dogs and is a sugar substitute for many holiday treats. A groomer for pets in Chicago suggests against it as It can result in hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) due to the fast release of insulin. Vomiting, lack of coordination, and convulsions are all symptoms of xylitol toxicity. It can cause liver failure in extreme situations.

Grapes and Raisins

Grapes and raisins, frequent holiday foods, can induce renal failure in dogs. Even trace amounts can be hazardous, causing symptoms such as vomiting, tiredness, and lack of appetite. A professional grooming salon in Chicago suggests keeping grapes and raisins out of reach of pets.

Onions and garlic 

Onions and garlic, commonly used in holiday cuisine, contain substances that might harm a pet’s red blood cells, resulting in anemia. A professional groomers shop in Chicago says cats are susceptible to onions and garlic. Weakness, lethargy, and pale gums are signs of onion or garlic poisoning.

Alcohol: Not a Toast for Pets

Alcoholic beverages are popular at parties, but they are dangerous to dogs. Even modest doses can produce intoxication, which can result in dizziness, vomiting, and, in extreme situations, respiratory failure. Keep any alcoholic beverages away from curious dogs.

Bones: A Dangerous Chew

While sharing bones with your dogs may appear to be a fun activity, certain types of bones can shatter and cause internal injury. Professional grooming salon in Chicago say cooked bones, in particular, can be dangerous since they break more easily than raw bones. Consider pet-safe chewing options instead.

Fatty foods 

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Rich, fatty meals such as turkey skin, gravy, or ham can lead to pancreatitis in your furry pal. Abdominal discomfort, vomiting, and tiredness are some of the symptoms. Maintain their usual diet and refrain from sharing high-fat holiday foods.

Beware of the Nutcracker!

Macadamia nuts and other nuts can poison dogs. Ingestion can result in symptoms including weakness, tremors, and heat. Keep nuts and nut-containing snacks out of the reach of your dogs.


A professional groomer for pets in Chicago says some pets can handle dairy while others are lactose intolerant. Milk and dairy products can cause stomach distress, including diarrhea. If you wish to treat your pet, choose pet-friendly options.

Dreaming of a stress-free Christmas!

Being a pet groomers is about making pets look and feel their best and advocating for their well-being. Pet owners may proactively try to keep their beloved pets safe, healthy, and happy over the holiday by knowing the hazards of specific seasonal meals. Remember that additional caution may go a long way toward ensuring a comfortable and incident-free Christmas for you and your dogs.

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